{in memory’s telephoto lens, far objects are magnified}


memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose…from the television show the wonder years.

5 years ago, in 2002 i went to boston, usa to study english and to experience the culture of others. i chose ef int’l language school because of its credibility. the living cost in boston quite expensive, but i love the city…love @ first sight. old buildings, outstanding university, good people, good transportation, great food, great clubbing 😀 , quite safe, i just love boston. i am very grateful up until now that i had the chance to go there. if i could choose which city that i could live…i will choose boston.
@ ef boston i have good friends that i still miss till God know how long. i really miss you guys a lot 😦 there was so much fun we had. lots of up and down moments, but i did enjoy every moment that i spent @ ef boston. i am so glad i met daisuke (tokyo, japan), serkan (istanbul, turkey), matthias (amsterdam, netherlands), ebru & burcu (sisters from antalya, turkey), fatma (sweden), emma (taiwan), irene (taiwan), chris (korea), chris (geneva), hadi (the one and only indonesian friend), yim, yoe, poppy, donald, emi, you-jin, natsuko, jennie, jillian, martina, julia, anne, yasmine, william, vi li, kevin, volkan, ana, manuel, shelly, violeta, grace, ginette, sakura, david, andres, luis, leandro, songul, spaak. the teachers @ ef boston (beth, joseph, sarah, rena, and others that i couldn’t mention one by one), my classmates level 6 and level 7, my resident assistant karen, virginia, engels, and tim. my intern katie mahon.
memories oh memories…don’t know when i could meet you guys 😦 huaaaa so sad

*in memory’s telephoto lens, far objects are magnified (by john updike)


About MrsRance

Just an ordinary woman who loves her family and bags :) In between she loves to cook, to bake, to take photos, to read, and golf. All content and photography is the property of MrsRance. Email: mrsrance [at] yahoo [dot] com

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