{event} cosmopolitan with paula begoun

photo credit: majalah cosmopolitan
melissa karim, paula begoun, dewi lestari
Goody bag & doorprize
Paula’s Choice products

mYoutfit (chosen 2 be the best dress winner πŸ˜€ )

today, thursday 6 september 2007 i went to gran mahakam hotel to attend cosmopolitan & paula’s choice indonesia’s talkshow. the talkshow is about perfect treatment perfect skin with paula begoun. the mc was melissa karim and the dress code: white & blue jeans. i arrived around 5.30 pm, half hour late, TG i wasn’t late. There i met my old friend sheilomita (from ora et labora junior highschool), dewi lestari (from university of parahyangan), and dita (also from university of parahyangan). So i took a seat with dewi and mita….and the talkshow begin. paula begoun is a very dedicated person. i like the way she talk and explaining about skin treatment. one thing that i will always remember from her that is SUNSCREEN πŸ˜€ it’s a must. also, i learnt that more expensive skin treatment does not mean very good treatment. also, a moisturizer should loaded with antioxidants, water-binding agents, and ingredients that mimic the structure and function of healthy skin. paula also discuss about cosmetic product myth busting. dewi already using paula’s choice skin care in 1 year…she also did a testimonial in front of us. i know dewi’s skin when we were in university…and now, her skin’s very very good. ohh, fyi, the testimonial from dewi was real….not “iklan” πŸ˜€ the product also not expensive…this is what i like the most πŸ˜€
after dewi’s testimonial, we had a Q & A with paula begoun. after that, the talkshow continued to give away the door prizes. the mc gave us questions, and the one who have the right answer would recieve door prize. after that, the mc announced the winner of best dress….yuppp…it’s me πŸ˜† how in the world that me…the very unfashion person could win the best dress of an cosmopolitan event…i would never imagine about it in a million years πŸ˜€ but of course i’m happy πŸ˜€ bcos i got the door prize…yippiii πŸ˜€ pantesan ajah pas lagi duduk, ada yg nyamperin trus nanya nama gw siapa πŸ˜€ gw pikir nih kan, secara duduk disebelah teman2ku yg berprestasi kan dipoto2 tuh…nah gw ditanyain namanya mungkin supaya ga ditulis: dewi lestari, sheilomita, teman πŸ˜† getohhhh, mana kepikiran bakalan memenangkan best dress…secara gw gitu loh…hahahhaha
Anyway, the talk show was over and continued to dinnnerrrrrr πŸ˜€ but before i went straigth to the buffet, i turned right to buy the paula’s choice skin care πŸ˜€ yeaaa i know….difficult not to shopping πŸ˜›
i bought: one step face cleanser, skin balancing toner, 1% beta hydroxy acid gel, essential non-greasy sunscreen spf 15, skin balancing moisture gel, skin perfecting loose powder. hopefully i can use this skin care πŸ˜‰
overall, i really enjoyed the event and i had a great time there πŸ˜€
thank you cosmopolitan, thank you good housekeeping, thank you paula begoun, thank you valentina winata, thank you paula’s choice indonesia
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