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ini daftar brush2 yg gw punya:


1. 116 Blush Brush
Tapered for shading and highlighting cheeks and face with blush. 18 cm
2. 150 Large Powder Brush
Full and dense for dusting loose or pressed powder on face or body. This brush is particularly good for blush application with soft fibers that form a full, rounded shape. 21.5 cm
3. 182 Buffer Brush
A full, dome-shaped brush of extra soft goat hair. Specially created to flawlessly blend powder onto the skin for an immaculate polished finish. Excellent for all M·A·C powders and pigments.
7 cm
4. 187 duo fibre brush
A large full circular brush used for lightweight application and blending of face powder or pigments. Use to create soft layers or add textures. Made from a soft blend of goat and synthetic fibres.
18 cm
5. 188 small duo fibre face brush
A flat-topped, full circular brush used for lightweight application and blending of any formula colour – fluid, cream, powder or pigment. Ideal for creating soft layers or adding textures. Made from a soft blend of goat and synthetic fibres.
6. 190 Foundation Brush
Pro-quality. A foundation brush designed to create even finish, flawless look. Works well with any M·A·C foundation, including Studio Fix and Studio Tech. . A professional-class foundation brush designed to provide a smooth, even finish, flawless look. Use to apply, distribute, and blend foundation into all areas in the face.
19 cm
7. 129 Powder/Blush Brush
ll-purpose for blush or face powder. This brush is particularly good for blush application.
19.5 cm
8. 129 SH

The 129 Blush/Brush with a shorter handle. Includes a travel pouch to keep your brush clean. This brush is particularly good for blush application.

9. 180 Buffer Brush

1. 209SE Eyeliner Brush
An extra-fine tipped synthetic fibre brush that delivers a precise, firm, even stroke with which to line the eyes. Use with liquid or cream products.
15 cm
2. 212SE Flat Definer Brush
Lines and define the eye with colour. Firmly bristled, flat of shape; applies colour in a stroke to provide instant definition. Use with powder, liquid or cream products. Synthetic.
15 cm
3. 213 Fluff Brush
For application of eye shadow to the lid area.
16 cm
4. 217 Blending Brush
For shading or blending of colour or creamy products.
17 cm
5. 219 Pencil Brush
For precision shading on lid, in eye crease or along lash line. The soft, smooth fibers of this brush are gathered into a pencil-shaped tip. It is ideal for blending eyeliner into eye shadow to create a smoky looking eye.
17 cm
6. 224 Tapered Blending Brush
For controlled eye shadow application. This brush has soft fibers which taper to form a medium size dome shape.
17 cm
7. 275SE Medium Angled Shading Brush
For applying and blending eye shadow. This brush has soft, smooth fibers and a full, angled design.
16 cm
8. 266 Small Angle Brush
For creating sharp, precise lines. This brush has fibers which are carefully arranged to form a perfect angle. 15 cm
9. 242 Shader Brush
For powder, concealer or emollient-based product application. This brush has firm fibers carefully shaped to form a rounded edge for a smooth, even finish. 16 cm
10. 228 Mini Shader Brush
Excellent for applying emollient-based products. 15 cm
11. 239 Eye Shading Brush
Soft and dense to shade or blend eye shadow or emollient-based products. This brush has a tapered, rounded edge with smooth, firm, fine fibers. It can be used to build intense colour on the eyelid. 17 cm
12. 252SE Large Shader Brush
Soft but firm bristles for shading with eye shadow or emollient-based products. 17 cm
13. 184 Duo Fibre Fan Brush
Can be used for featherweight application and blending of pigments and powders or as a tool to gently clear the skin of any excess product.
14. 249 Large Shader Brush
For applying and/or blending eye shadow. Paddle shaped, with a flat rounded tip. Synthetic: its soft fibres provides pro-quality pick-up and distribution of powder,
liquid or cream products.
15. 194 Concealer Brush
Specially styled for small-area coverage and precise application. Firm and flat, slightly tapered. Good for blending “undereye” and for “spot” touch-ups. If you want to conceal flawlessly, use this!

16. 204 Lash Brush
For application of mascara products and separating of lashes. This brush has synthetic fibers in a spiral pattern simulating a mascara wand design.
1. 316 Lip Brush/Covered Brush
For controlled lipstick or eye liner application and comes with a metal cover.
17 cm
1. Heavenly Face Brush
This supremely plush, soft, goat hair brush floats over your complexion like the finest silk, for a feather light application of color.
2. Flawless Application Face Brush
With a short handle and its bristles made of ultra soft goat hair, this Flawless Application Face Brush will evenly distribute your bareMinerals Foundation, All-Over Face Color, and Blush, leaving a flawless finish every time.
3. Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush
The smooth, synthetic bristles of this concealer brush allows full, concentrated coverage that blends into skin flawlessly. It holds more Multi-Tasking Bisque concealing bareMinerals, giving you extra coverage fast.
4. Full Coverage Kabuki Brush
With a full head of the luxuriously soft, goat hair, the Kabuki Brush provides a medium to full application for both the face and body.
Face Blender Brush
A great multi-purpose brush, ideal for dusting Shimmer Brick Compact on cheekbones for a natural-looking, shimmery glow. The Face Blender Brush can also be used with Sheer Finish Powder, Blush, or Bronzing Powder.

Kabuki Brush


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