{mutiara} potong rambut


horeeeeeeee…finally princess Tiara potong rambut. ga digundulin sih…cuma dirapiin ajah jadi setengah centi 😀 potong rambutnya di kiddie’s cut di senci. ditemenin oma opa and auntie aya.
sebelommnya had lunch with uncle othe, uncle ichank and kaka aqsa di Duck King. too bad uncle ivan, auntie yenny, cici adel, auntie ling2 and auntie ade couldn’t come.
besok tinggal di gram-in deh rambutnya princessT 😉



About MrsRance

Just an ordinary woman who loves her family. In between she loves to knit, yoga, read, watch kdramas, concerts, and golf. All content and photography is the property of MrsRance. Email: mrsrance [at] yahoo [dot] com

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