{eat} my bday lunch with family at Katsura, Plaza Senayan



berhubung kakaknya adek ipar gw juga ultahnya bareng ama gw tgl 19 jg (happy bday to you too yenna), jadi gw kebagian yg lunch, kalo yenna yg dinner 😀

so we were having lunch at this new resto (yg punya masih sodaranya adek ipar gw) called KATSURA @ Plaza Senayan. gilakkkkkk ueenaakkkkk tenan…kalo kata mas bondan…mak nyus 😀
but this resto pricey yahhh…soalnya fine dining sih yahh. tapi worth it banget sih kalo menurut gw.


About MrsRance

Just an ordinary woman who loves her family and bags :) In between she loves to cook, to bake, to take photos, to read, and golf. All content and photography is the property of MrsRance. Email: mrsrance [at] yahoo [dot] com

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