{mutiara} First Eat


October 25th, 2008 at 11 am….PrincessT First Eat. She ate beras tepung Nutricia my meal, 1 sendok makan beras tepung, 1 spoon of milk, and 30 ml hot water and finished it all…ga ada yg tersisa. Mother and father was so happy.

At first, the look of her face was weird looking 😀 but she took it well. after 5 spoon, she start to find the spoon. I thougth at the beginning…like other babies that i know, for the first time maybe just 3-4 spoon. But not my PrincessT…she ate the whole thing, malahan kayak kurang gituh. soale 15 menit abis makan langsung minum susu, trus bobok.
I’m so happy that my baby maemnya ga susah…hopefully sih ke sono2nya gampang, secara wkt gw lagi hamil apa jg dimakan…hahahah.
btw…bipnya lucu banget dehh…kayak rok tutu balet gituh…beli di mothercare.


About MrsRance

Just an ordinary woman who loves her family. In between she loves to knit, yoga, read, watch kdramas, concerts, and golf. All content and photography is the property of MrsRance. Email: mrsrance [at] yahoo [dot] com

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  1. Hi22.Princess T really look like real princess , ha222beneran tuh dia mirip putri2 kerajaan …seneng nya .. liat dia makan . MOga2 lancar deh makan nya ya .. bisr cepet gede .

    heheheh….putri2 kerajaan cina kayak di pelem2 silat jaman dulu yah
    amin…makasih yahh tante veny

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