{story} 24 Jan – 2 Feb 2010


Last Week was such a mixed feelings week. I was so sad because Tiara got sick and she had to be hospitalized. On the other hand I was so excited because my bff when i was @ EF Boston in 2002 was coming to visit me in Jakarta.

Tiara had a fever since Sunday 24 Jan. On Monday we took Tiara to the doctor, he gave the medicine for the fever which are tempra and proris. But until Tuesday Tiara still had the fever, between 38 – 40 celcius. I did not want to wait anymore, so me and hubby took her to Tiara’s backup doctor. Since already 3 days that Tiara’s fever still high, so the doctor decided to check Tiara’s blood. It was a painful moment to see the nurse took Tiara’s blood from her tiny arm 😦 I was crying inside. I couldn’t not show to Tiara if I was crying also. I had to be brave for my baby. After we receive the result (that was typhoid fever), the doctor (she’s very sorry about this) gave antibiotic. The doctor said that Tiara’s didn’t want to eat, drink water and milk, then she had to be hospitalized. But we decided to bring Tiara home. We still hoped that after Tiara drank the antibiotic, she would ease the fever. On Wed morning, her fever still high (40 celcius). So we went back to the brawijaya women and children hospital. It wasn’t an easy decision for me and my hubby. We knew if we brought Tiara to hospital, then it was mean she had to get the infus.We just couldn’t bear the thought of it…but we had to. High fever is something that you have tobe careful with, especially with children. I heard so many case with high fever, the impact was so bad. One of my friend’s son had brain damage…so sad 😦 After 5 days in the hospital, many thanks to our family and friends’s prayers, Tiara went home on Sun. Although she still in recovery mode, she’sgetting better each day.


Matt is one of my special friend when i was @ EF Boston besides Serkan, Daisuke, Ebru, Burcu. On 2005 I visited him in Amsterdam and now he’s visiting me. I already planned that i would take him to many places. Too bad i couldn’t take him to many places, but i could still manage to take him to Batavia, Kota, PIM, Bandung, TMII, and Ancol. Now he is in Menado. Too bad i couldn’t tag along with him to my native land. Ifi could go it would be nice to see what Menado is like. Hopefully he will have a great time while he’s here in Indonesia.




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