{story} 29 Jan – 30 Jan 2010


So yea I took Matt to go to Batavia area on Wed 2901. We took pictures with the fatahillah building and we went inside the museum. After that we went to KOTA INTAN brigde (which Matt persistently think it’s called skinny bridge). After that we walked back to the square area and we had lunch at batavia cafe. He had sandwich and i had dimsum. We talked many things. It was fun to chit chat with him after a long time. We didn’t have much time so we had to go. We went to Casio official service centre. Matt’s camera was broken. We got it fixed but it’s still not perfect. So when he’ll be back to Jakarta, i will take him there again. After that we errrr i had to rush to go back to hospital, because my hubby had to go to work. Matt just stayed at the hospital until my hubby came back.

In between…It’s me and my hubby’s 5 years anniversary. We celebrated at hospital, just the three of us: me, hubby, and Tiara. Hopefully we always love each other unconditionally 🙂

On Saturday 3001, me and Matt went to Bandung at 8 AM.s We went via Puncak and we stopped by at puncak pass resort. We had brunch with pannekoek and Poffertjes. After we took some pictures outside, we continued our trip. We arrived in Bandung around 2 PM. We had lunch at Ayam Panaitan alias Ayam Goreng Nikmat. I ordered fried chickens, fried tempe (fermented soybean cake), fried tofu, tofu pepes (pepes means wrapped in a banana leaf and roasted), corn perkedel (perkedel means croquette of spicy ground meat and boiled potatoes or other starch), and sayur asem (sour vegetable soup). He just loveeee the sayur asem 😀 We were full and yumm yumm :p We continued again our trip…now we went to tangkuban perahu, but on our way there, Matt wanted to see ITB. So yup we stopped by and took pictures. After a sort, we continued to tangkuban perahu. It was around 4.30 PM when we arrived at tangkuban perahu Queen Crater. Took pictures. A guide came to us and offered to see the Domas Crater which is lower than Queen Crater. We would find several spring water on the surface of Domas crater. So we decided to walk down from Kawah Ratu, through long natural stairs, we visited Domas Crater. It was such a difficult loooooonnng natural stairs…since i didn’t prepare for such natural trekking. I wore long dress and sandals. I should wear training pants and sport shoes 😀 Well, but i did survive though even in the last walked i choose to ride motorcycle :p I was so tired after…my feet were sore. It was 6 pm and we went straight away to Toko You to eat dinner. We had 2 yamien asin, me with meatballs and Matt with fried wonton. We talked about life…about EF…how we missed EF moment. After, we went to Warung Laos to buy my hubby and my sister’s pizza, and went straight to Jakarta again. It was fun…had a great time 🙂

here us in 2002 and 2010 🙂
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