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{trip} Seoul, Kyoto and Tokyo. 11 – 20 April 2015

{trip} Seoul, Kyoto and Tokyo. 11 – 20 April 2015

We always love Japan, so this time just me and hubby went to Japan. But before we went to Seoul first, hubby need to work 🙂
It was such a wonderful trip for us 🙂

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Arrived at Seoul night time. We stayed at Hotel Mercure Sodowe.

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This day I went with hubby.
-Lunch: Korea Galbi Restaurant, Nonhyeon station exit 2
-We went to Hyundai Mall at Apgujong station
-We went to N Seoul Tower and put the lock 🙂
-Dinner: Restaurant near our hotel mercure soware

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This day I went by myself because hubby need to work. I went to:
-Gyeongbok Palace
-Myeongdong and had lunch here
I had dinner with hubby, his cousin and his employee at the restaurant near our hotel.

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I also went alone today. Here’s what I did:
-Went to Hyundai Mall again at Apgujeong Station
-Brunch & Dinner at Subway restaurant near Nonhyeon station. Yup I made the effort to go back and forth 😀
-Went to Shinsegae Mall in Myeongdong
-Went to Avenue L, Lotte Young Plaza, Lotte Dept Store, and H&M in Myeongdong area also.

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-Yongin MBC dramia & korean folk village tour (with Lorraine and Harold, pilot of hawaiian airlines)
-Dropped off in insadong
-Had afternoon sandwich at subway in insadong
-met with hubby at lotte world mall in jamsil
-dinner at restaurant near hotel, I ate soft tofu stew…yummy

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Time to say goodbye to Seoul and we went to Japan…yippie 🙂
We arrived at Narita and went straight to Kyoto by Shinkansen. Arrive in Kyoto around 11.30 PM. We stayed at Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto Shinmachi Bettei.

 photo 397A6DD5-718E-444F-83DE-51370F3C7C9C.jpg
-kiyomizudera temple and had lunch there (yummy udon and tofu)
-sannen zaka & ninen zaka street
-yasaka shrine
-gion, here we had coffee
-dinner di miyabian kyoto rokkaku

 photo CE58DF3D-F311-40F2-8AE5-A6CFA7BE5F9B_2.jpg
These are some of the souvenirs from kyoto. I love Kyoto souvenirs 🙂

 photo C949BCB7-18D5-4D1A-9ECE-46470348C44A.jpg
-from kyoto we went to tokyo with shinkansen
-bought rimowa at daimaru tokyo station
-we went to bao bao marunouchi
-checked in Dai-Ichi Tokyo Hotel
-strolled around Ginza
-dinner at restaurant near hotel

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-we went to Tokyo Sky Tree
-then to omotesando, had lunch at subway restaurant (yup we loooovvvee Subway…hahaha)
-strolled around omotesando, harajuku and shinjuku
-after that we went to akihabara and had dinner near akihabara station

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we went back to Jakarta 😊 miss our kids so much