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{health} Yoga


I’ve been doing yoga for quite some time…errr around 5 months if I’m not mistaken. I do the yoga privately with my friends and the teacher also my friend. So it is fun actually, doing something healthy with your best friends.
Before I did try yoga at some gym center, but I didn’t find it interesting. So I thought hey yoga is not my thing. Butttt after my best friend asked me to do the yoga together privately with a teacher and after 3 months then I am beginning to love yoga. Now I am totally in love with yoga thanks to Sherley and Novi 😘😘
I am still learning and not yet a pro…still newbie ☺️

Here are some of the photos:

 photo 6E33322F-C4BA-40D2-964D-ACEBF66FC185.jpg

 photo E17F7627-D5C6-41B9-953E-D3847DD09EBA.jpg

Ini yg pose2 tripod headstand tentunya masih dibantuin bu guru pas naiknya πŸ˜€
 photo 93758EF4-DF64-4B15-A048-6BC3B0FD1893.jpg

 photo 9B875FA0-5A97-421D-B262-CD238DE9E26C.jpg

Critanya sihh mo sok2 pose potonya tp kok yah kayak tikus nyungsep πŸ˜€ masih belon bisa banget sih yahh bikin posenya tp udah pinginn berpoto pake pose…wkwkkwkw. Takut2 juga sih soale biasa dijagain bu guru kan kalo bikin pose heheheheh
 photo E17F7627-D5C6-41B9-953E-D3847DD09EBA.jpg

 photo 376CE2DD-D632-4541-AB4D-92ED68AA95AB.jpg

New year new mat ☺️
 photo E5F85037-C07A-4400-95FD-F21B1E3D17CA.jpg