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Young Living Essential Oils


Waaaaaaa udah lama banget nih ga posting dimarii 😀
Sibukkk sibukkk yoga (ceilahh pdhal seminggu 2 kali doang sih) & baby number 2 yg sebenernya udah ga baby sihh, udah 15 bulan juga…heheheh.
Eniwei buswayyy gw lagi seneng banget sama yang namanya Young Living Essential Oils nih.
Oposehhhh Young Living Essential Oils ituhhh?
Nahhh yang dulu-dulu gw tau itu essential oil tuh minyak buat wangi-wangian ruangan, yang mana itu minyak ditetesin di keramik yg bawahnya dipakein lilin, dipanasin lah begituh. Nahhh kalo Young Living Essential Oils ini ternyata fungsinya bukan hanya untuk wangian-wangian ajah namunnnn bisa juga untuk menjaga kesehatan tubuh dengan cara dioles langsung, dihirup, diteteskan ke air minum (tp harus pake gelas yah, ga boleh plastik), dan di ‘diffuse’. Nah di diffuse ini semacam pembakaran tp bukan dibakar….nah looo bingung kann…hahaha sama sih gw jg bingung jelasinnya. Pokoke begitulah didiffuse dahh yahh pake alat nyang namanya diffuser 😀
Terkadang juga Young Living essential oil ini gw tetesin di kapsul kosong trus gw minum deh…hehehehe.
Banyak fungsinya Young Living Essential Oils, bisa untuk jaga kesehatan, numbuhin rambut, melangsingkan badan, buat supaya badan ga pegel-pegel, buat pijet, buat skin care, buat bunuh bakteri-bakteri dan virus yang berterabaran di udara, banyak deh. Nahhh macemnya juga banyak, terbagi 2 macem: single oils dan blend oils. Yang single oils contohnya lemon, lavender, peppermint, dsbnya yang mana beda oil beda fungsi. Trus kalo yang blend oils contohnya Digize, Panaway, Thieves, dll. Nahhh kalo mau tanyaaa-tanyaaa bisa email gw di mrsrance (at) yahoo (dot) com yahhh. Buanyakk banget soale 😀
Nahhh sering tuh gw suka kalo mo sakit, kalo udah gejala-gejala tenggorokan sakit, langsung deh gw oles2 Thieves oil di telapak kaki, terusnya gw diffuse deh thieves oil di kamar & di ruang tamu sesering mungkin. Ditambah gw tetesin Thieves, Oregano, Frankincense di kapsul kosong trus minum deh sehari 2 kali pagi malem. Biasanya sih cukup minum 2 kali karena abis itu ga sakit lagi tenggorokan gw.
Young Living Essential Oils ini mantep banget dehh…kepake banget di kehidupan gw sehari-hari.
Nahhh monggo ayohh jangan malu-malu kalo mau tanya-tanya kedasyatan Young Living Essential Oils, atau ada yang mau langsung beli atau ada yang mau langsung jadi member, email ajah yah ke mrsrance (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Everyday Oil Kit
 photo 9C4EDC03-CCDF-49E9-98DE-5B0F9A4D0EFF.jpg

 photo 94B0FC12-8459-4C6A-9274-EE033BC34C87.jpg

 photo 77D28AD9-1BB8-4DA7-85E6-26BAC61C8EF4_1.jpg

 photo 988F629D-B4AB-4AB4-8ACE-EC0BBD1A9420.jpg

Thieves andalan keluargaku supaya ga gampang sakit
 photo 41D1C5D7-CF17-4F44-B705-E6CC7BB45F0C.jpg

RC andalanku kalo anak-anak lagi batuk pilek
 photo 8A0268BA-6255-41D0-ADD3-3CFEC0AA6013.jpg

Breathe Again Roll On
 photo ED4A78DE-ED44-4051-82BD-913ED593FDD3.jpg

Digize andalanku kalo sakit perut
 photo A72EC78A-CDDD-4EF4-8F8F-DA38E460318E.jpg

Peace & Calming
 photo 2C748B86-75C4-4C2E-8C33-87ECA71BCC24.jpg

Grapefruit buat cepet langsing
 photo 58D49337-B977-4472-89EF-78C0787B1E20.jpg

Ylang Ylang
 photo FE97B73C-8663-4F09-B8F0-D8C34C546F37.jpg

Minyak-minyak andalan kalo udah rasa-rasa mau sakit
 photo FCA5A784-6270-4247-9D12-FCAFCADDC583.jpg

Myrrh, Royal Hawaian Sandalwood, Frankincense
 photo EE121123-B5DB-4A4D-98DD-B3B3A31EDC12.jpg

Sebagian minyak-minyakku 🙂
 photo 27ABB5DB-FB12-4FD9-8AE5-05132A875439.jpg


{A visit} from Thailand


On 2002 I went to EF Boston for 9 months EY Program. It was really a fun and amazing time that I will always treasure. We came from many countries around the world. So lots of international friends :))

On 2010, a dear friend of mine from EF, Mr. Matthias Coosen from Amsterdam, visited Indonesia and me :)) Here’s the story about his visit

In this year another friend from EF, Mr. Poppy Dugary from Thailand, visited me while he participated the Thailand Trade Show 2012 at JCC. He stayed in Jakarta from 13-22 June 2012.
I met him on his booth at JCC on 15 June. Long time no see like for 9 years. Too bad I couldn’t stay longer because I had to go to Hermes Pacific Place to pick up my ghillies bag (YAY!)

On Sunday I picked him up at JCC, then we went dinner at Sushi Tei in senayan city, after that we went to Santika Hotel to get his luggages and went back straight to my house.

On Monday we played golf with hubby and my golf instructor, Mr. Yahya at Bogor Raya Golf.
(insert photo)
Since Mr. P wanted to see Hubby’s factory so after golf we went to Cikarang. On the way home, me & Mr. P stopped by Living World to have dinner at Han Gang. He requested to eat korean food 🙂
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On Tuesday, Mr. P had to meet his colleague, so I arranged it and we were gonna meet Mr. H in Grand Indonesia around 2pm. Since we had late breakfast aka brunch, so we didn’t want to eat first. We thought the meetup won’t take long time, so we were going to eat lunch after the short meetup. Deymmm, the short meetup became longer. Mr. H asked us to join with him to see Mr. Ambassador from Thailand, Pak Thanatip. Ofkors we had to accept the invitation :)) (apalagi gw yg belon pernah ketemu ambassador negara manapun pula…hahahah). So we went to Thailand embassy with Mr. H. Before we met the Mr. Ambassador, we thought it would only like 30 minutes, since we bet Mr. Ambassador would be so busy. Yet again we made wrong calculation 😀 The chit chat with Mr. Ambassador lasted 3 hours :)) Let me tell you, Pak Ambassador is very a humble, great and smart guy (after my hubby Ofkors :p ) He showed us his residence and his whole embassy. And the best part was Mr. Ambassador is using Natur and he wanted to meet with the owner. It was really an honor for me :)) such a delighted afternoon that i will always remember (thanks to you Mr. P!)
Mr. P and Mr. Ambassador planned to have an informal dinner with Mr. R for the next day. Actually on 20 June, Wednesday, Mr. P had to fly back to Thailand. But since Mr. Ambassador insisted him to have dinner so Mr. P changed his flight. Around 6pm we left Thailand embassy. On the car, Mr. P said that he could eat the whole chicken just by himself….hahahah poor baby so hungry. We went to Pacific Place and met Hubby there. We ate at Tesate.
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On Wednesday, we just relaxing at home. Around 4pm we left the house and went to Sun City for the dinner. On the way to Sun City, Mr. P asked me to buy something to eat on the car. I was planning to stop by at McD butttt Mr. H called and told me that Mr. P had to wear Batik Long Shirt. Ooohhh nooo!!! So we made a quick stop at Danar Hadi melawai to buy batik. So we didn’t have time to stop by at McD. Again he’s in a hungry mode…oopsss 😀
We met hubby at Sun City. The informal dinner went well. I had such a good time. On the way back I asked Mr. P and hubby if whether they are invited or not for Thursday event, The Thai Night Party and they said they did not get invited, so did I.
after arrived at home, me and Mr. P talked until 3.30 am 😀 we were reminiscing the old days at EF. Mr. P asked me that for Thursday, his last day, he wanted to have a relaxing shopping and play billiard. Basicly he wanted to enjoy his last day without in hurry and in hungry mode 😀
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On Thursday…yeayyy we were gonna enjoy this last day of him…NOT! ahhahah still today we were in a rush again. So here it goes, we left home at 4pm. we were heading to Senayan City, to shop, dinner, and play billiards. Before we reach Senayan City, it was around the corner of Beautika Resto, Mr H. called and he said that Mr. Ambassador wanted us to be at the Thai Night Party in Hotel Sultan Ballroom and we had to be there at 6.30pm AND Mr. P had to wear suit. Wha??!! And he was wearing tshirt and jeans :)) It was really funny actually…after I hung up the phone, we were laughing, like why we could not have a normal last day 😀 So in a hurry we stopped by at Senayan City to get him a G2000 long shirt and I bought white pants from Banana Republic. (I bought the pants because no way I am gonna attending the party with my leopard leggings….aaarrrrr). We made a pact that everytime he visit me, we should always bring formal clothes on the car, just in case we’ll get an important phone call again :))
We arrived at Sultan Ballroom around 6.40 pm. Again, Mr. P was in hungry mode, so we looked around the buffet. The party finish around 8.30 pm. after we said goodbye to Mr. Ambassador and Mr. H, we looked each other and we agreed we still had to play billiards :))) so we went to Q Billiards at Senayan City. we played until 12 am and we ate at KFC wolter mongonsidi. What a fun day!
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On Friday…Last day! His flight was on 16.35 pm. Okay, shud be just chillin’, thinking gonna had lunch and a little shopping at Puri mall before we went to airport. At 9 am I got a phone call from Mr. H, and he said that Mr. P’s good friend asked Mr. P to get things from Jakarta, 2 ties from Salvatore Ferragamo and 1 long shirt white crisp slim fit from Van Laack. Okay, here was the thing,
1. Mr. P did not yet ready, did not take a shower yet. (important note: I already took a shower :p )
2. Salvatore Ferragamo locations at Senayan City
3. Van Laack locations at Pacific Place
4. Did not forget about lunch…we had to eat lunch before arriving at the airport
5. It was Friday…traffic jam everywhere!!!
But Thank God we managed to get all, had lunch at Aji Tei, bought things from batik keris, and arrived at terminal 3 Soetta perfectly in time.

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Pak Poppy, thank you for visiting me, I had such a great times with you. See you again next time (btw, we should go to Japan next year to visit Pak Ambassador 😀 )

ps. Serkan Mutlu and Daisuke Genjun (my biyattchh), Ebru and Burcu (my ladies), if happen to be you are reading this, you should visit me SOON! miss you all so much!